The Cluster Workshop

The Cluster Workshop is an early stage distributed computation working group with The University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth). As there are many challenges that face those that develop software in the building of truly 'distributed' applications, our project's goal is to simply make clustered computing easier. Our plan is to first focus on education for building low cost commodity grids, and plan to move towards the promotion of higher level grid development tools.

Our prior experience includes Gaurav Khanna's Gravity Grid, and Chris Poulin's work to embed systems in distributed pattern recognition/AI. The Ps3cluster Guide website is our first attempt to bring clustering information to the programmer. Our future ideas include the development of frameworks to enable easier distributed programming in scientific, enterprise, and gaming applications. See our first project announcement/demo at the 2nd Annual Georgia Tech, Sony/Toshiba/IBM Workshop on Software and Applications for the Cell/B.E. Processor.

Our Official Launch (Press Release, DEC 16, 2008)

This work is partially supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant: PHY-0831631)

Group Members

Gaurav Khanna email - Principal Researcher : Chris Poulin email- Principal Researcher

Andrei Kersha (Fedora 8 Testing) : Josh Gigantino (Image capture & Testing)

Project Contact/Site Admin Info

Chris Poulin
+1 617.755.9049

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