Welcome To The PS3cluster Guide

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this guide (from 2008) is a bit dated with the development of the firmware (3.21 or above) disable of the 'Other OS' install feature. As such, though you might find it interesting from a hacking perspective, we are afraid that this guide may no longer be useful to deploy clusters on current/updated PS3s. Thank you for your historical support of this project -- Gaurav and Chris.

Our community guide allows you to set up your own MPI (Message Passing Interface) based supercomputer cluster with the Playstation 3. This guide was co-written by Gaurav Khanna, based on his previous work on the Gravity Grid and is a current run-time environment for the research of co-author (Chris Poulin), based on his current work in distributed pattern recognition. As such, we currently utilize the Fedora Core for this infrastructure and illustrate a "how-to" below. NOTE: We focus on the Fedora 8 distribution, due to prevalence of Fedora and its Cell SDK (3.0) compatibility. Finally, this content should be considered open source, and here is the license.

News: Feb 21, 2009. We are briefly featured on NPR (National Public Radio)

Get Started! -> Step 1: Setup/Prerequisites

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