Step 1: Setup/Prerequisites

You will need a PlayStation3 console, a working Internet connection, and a PC to burn disc images. You will also need One(1) blank DVD-R, One(1) blank CD-R, and finally a USB mem stick/thumb-drive.

Step 1a - Download Fedora Core DVD ISO image for PPC, and burn the Fedora Core ISO image to DVD. Fedora Core 8 will do (Note that Fedora 9 or 10 may be ok, just not tested with this set of steps.):

Step 1b - Download custom boot image. This was small so we put it on our site here: Step 1c (Optional) - Get a USB Keyboard (We use a Logitech, but you can search online for others). Note that this is purely optional because (as you will see later) if ssh is correctly configured it will enable remote access/admin to all machines in the cluster.

Ready to Install? -> Step 2: Linux Installation

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